Bringing "The Aloha Spirit" to the Cannabis Trade

Our Mission

Maui Cannabis Guild is dedicated to helping create a robust, sustainable, and accessible legal cannabis industry in Maui county. Hawaii was the first state to legalize medical marijuana via state legislature in 2000 and has only recently opened it’s first few medical dispensaries. The current structure has limited cultivation to the dispensaries themselves which has so far proven inadequate to provide the quality and variety of medicine seen in other legal states.  We believe the time is now for Hawaii to embrace a legitimate cannabis industry with a favorable social, economic, and legal climate for Hawaii’s citizens. 


Keeping Ohana Together

Maui Cannabis Guild believes in and stands for an industry model based on small family farms. Over the years many born and raised Hawaii citizens have left Hawaii for better job opportunities or to meet cost of living needs. A well crafted cannabis industry could provide enough local jobs ranging from labor to executive opportunities to fill the employment gap we are faced with. States that have embraced adult use cannabis laws are already showing cannabis employees to be one of the fastest growing job forces. An accessible cannabis industry that creates new jobs could relieve the necessity of leaving the island and breaking up Ohana, and create the opportunity for family members to move back home and take part in a thriving new economy. 

Help Grow Our Industry

Maui Cannabis Guild is undertaking educational and legislative efforts to secure Maui County’s future for economically and ecologically sustainable industries for medical marijuana and recreational cannabis. We act as a resource hub for the people of Maui to stay informed on the latest cannabis news and legislation. By working together, we can all have a voice in- and benefit from- the future of Maui’s cannabis economy. 

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