Maui Cannabis Guild works to promote a model of small family farms, cottage industries, and increased self-sustainability to give rise to a vigorous state economy. We work to bring fairness, justice and the “Spirit of Aloha” to Hawaii’s cannabis laws.

The Guild

Maui Cannabis Guild is dedicated to creating a robust legal marijuana industry in Hawaii, which allows everyone to enjoy the fruits of their labor in the production of world-famous Hawaiian cannabis products. The Maui Cannabis Guild functions as an advocacy, communications and educational out reach hub, where people and organizations come together to work in unison to affect a positive change for the environment and the people of the Hawaiian Islands.

Cannabis and Hawaii

Cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation and Hawaii has the opportunity to create laws that will meet the needs of everyone, not just the big corporate few. The exploitative plantation model is obsolete. We are in a unique position to learn from the data of other legalized states and glean the best aspects to create a fair and just set of laws. The window of opportunity for the creation of robust economic prospects for Hawaii citizens is opening now. Hawaii has the unique opportunity to have one of the strongest cannabis industries / economies by combining the strengths of our agricultural legacy and of our globally recognized branding for the worlds premier quality cannabis.